Binomial Theorem with Examples

Binomial Theorem: where and are real numbers and are binomial cofficient. and are exponents and is called index. The exponent

Negation- Disjunction -Conjunction:

Negation: If p is any proposition its negation is denoted by ~p, read‘not p‘. It follows from this definition that

Implication or conditional

A compound statement of the form if p then q , also written p implies q , is called aconditional

Operations on Sets:-

Just as operations of addition, subtraction etc., are performed on numbers, theoperations of unions, intersection etc., are performed on sets.

Symbolic Logic

For the sake of brevity, propositions will be denoted by the letters , etc. We give a brief list of

Inductive and Deductive Logic

Induction:- In daily life we draw conclusions from a limited number of observations. A person gets penicillin injection once or



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