(a+b)^3 formula

This formula is used to find the cube of the polynomial.This formula is an algebraic identity. Formula = How to

How to Solve SSA Triangle

“SSA” means side, side, angle. “SSA” is used when two sides and one angle of a triangle are given and

How to Find the Area of Kite?

Kite A Kite is a flat shape with straight sides. It has two pairs of equal length with adjacent sides. 

What is the Biggest Number in the World?

The number “Googol.”. This is an enormous number, unimaginably huge. Easily represent the largest numbers (and the smallest numbers) in

9 Sided Polygon

What is a nine-sided shape? With nine straight sides that meet at nine corners make a polygon that is called

The Alternate series Test

What is the alternate series test? A series test that alternates series (also called the Leibniz test) is used to

Erfi Imaginary Error Function

Introduction Let be a complex variable of .The function Imaginary Error Functionerfi is defined by the following second-order differential equation


How Long is 6 Months

A month is one-twelfth of a year. The Gregorian calendar has exactly 30.436875 days in an average month. Based on

is -1 a rational number

To check –1 is a Rational Number or not. Firstly we discuss rational numbers  We know that a rational number

Derivative of Trigonometric functions

Derivative of Trigonometric functions Here will will discuss Derivative of sinx, cosx, tanx, cosecx, secx and cotx functions. Derivative of

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