Inverse Property of Addition

Inverse Property of Addition is the Sum of a number and its negative is always zero. Here zero is called

Vector Triple Product

Vector Triple Product Definition: Consider    be the three vectors, then the vector triple product of vectors is defined as

Power Series Expansion

A series of the from is called power series expansion of a function , where are constants and is variable.

Binomial Theorem with Examples

Binomial Theorem: where and are real numbers and are binomial cofficient. and are exponents and is called index. The exponent

Maclaurin series expension with examples

Maclaurin series expension. The expension of is called the Maclaurin series expension. The above expansion is called Maclaurin Theorem. Example

Proof of Power rule

Prove that: Subtracting eq(1) from eq(2) . The power rule for differentiation was developed independently by Isaac Newton and Gottfried

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