What is Conic Sections

Conic sections or simply conics are the curves obtained by cutting a (double) right circular cone by a plane. Let

Quadratic Formula Derivation, Examples:

Quadratic Formula Derivation: Again there are some quadratic polynomials that are not factorable at all using integral coefficients. In such

Field definition Math

Field definition math: A set S is called a field if the operations of addition ‘+ ’ and multiplication ‘.

What is a Rational Number:

 We know that a rational number is a number that can be written in the form of where p, q

Set in Mathematics, Examples

A collection of well-defined and distinct objects is called a set in mathematics. Well-defined collection means we can whether the

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Azhar Ali

I graduated in Mathematics from the University of Sargodha, having master degree in Mathematics.

Mathematics is generally known as Math in US and Maths in the UK.

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