Double Math

Fundamentals of Trigonometry


Trigonometry is an important branch of mathematics.

Trigonometry is a Greek word. The word Trigonometry has been divided into three phases.

Tri mean THREE

Goni mean ANGLES


It is clear that Trigonometry means Measurement of a triangle.

Unit of Measures of Angles.

What is Angle.

  • Two rays have the same initial points make an angle with each other.
  • The starting point is called the initial point and the other is called the ending point or terminating point.

Property of Triangle

  • The hypotenuse is always the longest side and it is the opposite of the right-angle.
  • The opposite side of the triangle that side is opposite to the angle.
  • The adjacent side is the side that is adjacent to the angle
  • The greatest side is opposite to the greatest angle.
  • The smallest side is opposite to the smallest angle.
  • you can check the Rotation of axes for further concepts.