How to Solve SSA Triangle

“SSA” means side, side, angle.

“SSA” is used when two sides and one angle of a triangle are given and we want to find the missing side angles. Consider the triangle \triangle ABC with the side a, b and c and angle \alpha, \beta and \gamma.We can observe that we are given the three sides a, b and one angle. Therefore the figure illustrates a triangle combination which is known as a SSA triangle.

Step 1: Calculate the largest angle by using the Law of Cosine.

Step 2: To find the second angle by using the Law of Cosine.

Step 3: To find the third by using the angle sum rule of a triangle.

Here we use the Law of sine. The Law of sine is

In \triangle ABC the sides of triangle is a, b and c and angle \alpha, \beta and \gamma the law of sines is

\frac a{\sin\alpha}=\frac b{\sin\beta}=\frac c{\sin\gamma}

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