Symbolic Logic

For the sake of brevity, propositions will be denoted by the letters p, q, etc. We give a brief list of the other symbols which will be used.

Symbolic Logic Table

SymbolHow to be readSymbolic expressionHow to be read
-NOT or Negation -pNot p, negation of p
\wedgeAND or Conjunctionp\wedge qp and q
\veeOR or Disjunctionp\vee qp or q
\RightarrowIf… then, implies or Implication or conditionalp\Rightarrow qIf p then q
p implies q
\LeftrightarrowIs equivalent to, if and
only if or Biconditional
p \Leftrightarrow qp if and only if q
p is equivalent to q
Symbolic Logic
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