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What is a Degree in Math?

Angles are measured using degrees. Angles can be measured in both radians and degrees. When measuring angles in practical geometry, we always measure them in degrees. The symbol ° (degree) represents a degree. One full rotation of the globe is measured by 360 degrees (also written as 360°).

What is a Degree?

A degree is a measuring unit for angles. The degree is not an SI unit, the SI unit for measuring angles is the radian. Angles are generally measured with a protractor in geometry. Mathematical problems generally require the use of a protractor to measure angles.

Angle in Degrees

In mathematics, the measuring unit for an angle is degree. The tool used for measuring an angle is a protector. A complete circle rotates at 360° and angles can be measured at different angles showcasing different degrees such as 30°, 45°, 60°, and so on. There are 360 equal parts to one rotation, each of which is called a degree. We denote a degree with a circle °. For example, 180° means 180 degrees.

Measurements of some important angles

  • Right Angle – Right angle measurement is 90 degrees (90°).
  • Obtuse Angle – An obtuse angle measurement is greater than 90° and lesser than 180°
  • Acute Angle – An obtuse angle measurement is less than 90° and greater than 0°
  • Straight Angle – Straight angle measurement is 180°
  • Reflex Angle – Reflex angle measurement is greater than 180° and lesser than 360°.
  • Complete Angle – Straight angle measurement is 360°