Double Math

what is the absolute value of -24?

Absolute Value:

On a number line, the absolute value of a number is its distance from zero. The absolute value of 8 and -8 are exactly the same.

In mathematics, the absolute value is also called a modulus. The middle number is zero, positive numbers extend to the right, and negative numbers extend to the left. The absolute value of 7 and -7 are identical: they’re both 7 since each number is 7 units away from zero. Absolute value is always positive — subtract the minus sign from a negative number to get its absolute value.

The absolute value of a real number is the value that is unaffected by the sign of the number. In the case of “11” and “-11”, their absolute values are both 11.


The symbol used for absolute value is ”|”.

Most keyboards have a “|” above the enter key.


|−3| = 3 |8| = 8

what is the absolute value of -24?

The absolute value of -24 is 24.

|−24| = 24