Double Math

what is the absolute value of -24

Absolute Value

On a number line, an absolute value is a distance from zero. The absolute value of 9 and -9 is exactly the same. The absolute value of 9 and -9 is identical.

On a number line, positive numbers exceed to the right side and negative numbers exceed to the left side. Absolute value is always positive. To find the absolute value of any negative number, just take its number which is its absolute valve.

How to write absolute value?


  • x when x is greater than zero.
  • 0 when x is equal to zero.
  • -x when x is less than zero.

Symbolic notation of absolute value

This “|” sign is used to denote the absolute value of any number.



Important points about absolute value

We pronounce x as ”mod x” or ”modules of x”.

The absolute value of any number always gives a non-negative value.

Example Solve |-15|

-(-15) = 15

When ”-” multiplies with ”-” sighn it gives ”+” value.