Angle of Depression

Definition As an observer looks downward at an object, an angle of depression is formed. This angle forms between a

De Moivre’s Theorem

In the field of complex numbers, De Moivre’s Theorem is one of the most important and useful theorems which connects

How to Solve SSS Triangle

“SSS” means side, side, side. “SSS” is used when three sides of a triangle are given and we want to

What is Double Math? Explained!

Double Math mean two Maths like Applied Math and Pure Math, you can see below about these Maths Applied Mathematics

Square Root of Pi

What is the square root of Pi? Pi is an irrational number so its square is also an irrational number.

kinds of sets

There are different types of sets. 1. Empty set 7. Infinite set 2. Power set 8. Singleton set 3. Superset

(a+b)^3 formula

This formula is used to find the cube of the polynomial.This formula is an algebraic identity. Formula = How to

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